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Houghwood & Strathmore Case Studies 


Houghwood Golf Club

Magnificent panoramic views over the Lancashire plain and the Welsh hills makes Houghwood an interesting course to play. At par 71 and 6388 yards for men, and 5341 yards par 71 for ladies, it provides a stimulating and pleasurable test of skill.

Houghwood Golf Club have been a partner with us for over 5 years and have grown their flexible membership to a category that generated over £56,000 between
March 2020 - March 2021.  Taking their first member in March 2016 their high profit is generate by having consistent renewal levels and attracting a new audience, highlighted by their 133 new joiners in the 12 month period.

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Strathmore Golf Club

Set in the heart of the Strathmore valley, Strathmore Golf Centre was opened in 1996 by Kathryn Marshall and has quickly matured and gained a reputation as the "Friendly Place to Play Golf".

Strathmore Golf Club took their first PlayMoreGolf Member on 7th February 2020 attracted  40 joiners from March 2020-March 2021.  After being a member for over a year renewal revenue will move strathmore's profit up with new joiner and renewals being a great revenue source for the club. 

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