Beat The Price Increase

On the 3rd March at midnight, the cost of joining a golf club with a PlayMoreGolf membership will be increasing.

We are giving you the chance to beat that price increase by joining today! Each of our club price increases differ, Join Now and discover your local club and how much can save! 

Enter the code "FLASH15" at the checkout for 15 free home points. This is a little gift from us to make up for the golf you haven't been able to play because of the bad weather recently, also if you join before midnight the 3rd March, you will receive a months extension on your membership.

So what are the prices increasing to and how much can I save? 

Price Increase

Keep scrolling down to discover exactly what our flexible golf membership is and if it is right for you. 

*Terms and conditions apply. Price increase may differ per club. The price increase of the current £390 clubs will incur a points change. 





What is a PlayMoreGolf flexible Membership?

Flexible golf memberships typically involve golfers paying a discounted annual subscription to be a member of their local club. With the PlayMoreGolf membership, rather than paying for a discounted green fee, you receive a number of points depending on your selected club*. For example, if you select a £325 club, you will receive 100 points in total, 80 home points and 20 flexi points. Pay with you points every time you hit the course, points will be deducted from your account. Generally the time of day will dictate the number of you pay to play.

Flexible membership is particularly popular with golfers who don’t play enough golf to make a typical annual subscription to a golf club cost-effective.

What to do next...

Click here to find out more information on our membership and to discover your local home club!


Hear From Our Members

I chose PlayMoreGolf because their solution gives me value and flexibility to get to a golf course as member of the club. We pay for what we use. My work takes me away from my home more often then not and the people at PlayMoreGolf have totally understood that; not all of us fits the same cloth.
Rick S

Absolutely fantastic innovative brand. Completely transforming golf for the average person who cannot play week in week out and cannot afford the big prices that some clubs charge. I have always been treated very well by the staff and help at PlayMoreGolf. I am 2 years strong and intend to continue my membership.
Paul J

PMG is an excellent system for playing golf regularly at an affordable rate. The scheme is particularly good for me as I cannot justify membership fees at a club as I am overseas for extended periods of time. The scheme also allows members to experience playing at different courses rather than being limited to just one.
Michael L